The Best Bungy Jumps in New Zealand

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When it comes to seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush, New Zealand takes the crown as the undisputed king of bungy jumping. With its stunning landscapes and thrilling adventures, this area offers some of the best bungy jumps in New Zealand and the world. Get ready to experience heart-pounding excitement and breathtaking scenery as we take you through the best bungy jumps in New Zealand.


Nevis Bungy – Queenstown:


Let’s start with a bang – or rather, a plunge! The Nevis Bungy in Queenstown is not for the faint of heart. Suspended 134 meters above the Nevis River, this bungy jump is a jaw-dropping experience that will leave you breathless. The rush of free-falling amidst the rugged Southern Alps is an unforgettable thrill that you’ll be talking about for years to come. It’s no wonder it’s often regarded as the best bungy jump in New Zealand.


Kawarau Bridge Bungy – Queenstown:


If you’re looking for a more historic bungy jump, head to the Kawarau Bridge Bungy, also in Queenstown. This is the world’s first-ever commercial bungy site and is set against the stunning backdrop of the Kawarau River. Take a leap from the 43-meter high bridge, and you’ll have the option to dip your head in the cool waters below – a unique twist to your bungy adventure. It’s undoubtedly one of the best bungy jumps in New Zealand.


The Ledge Bungy – Queenstown:


Queenstown sure knows how to deliver adrenaline-pumping experiences. The Ledge Bungy allows you to take the plunge from a platform situated 400 meters above the town. This jump offers stunning panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains, making it an unforgettable experience. It’s often listed as one of the best bungy jumps in New Zealand.


Taupo Bungy – Taupo:


Heading to the North Island, the Taupo Bungy is perched above the Waikato River. What sets this bungy jump apart is its unique cliff-top location, which provides a dramatic setting for your leap. As you plummet towards the river below, you’ll be treated to spectacular views of the lush New Zealand countryside. It’s definitely among the best bungy jumps in New Zealand.


The Bridge to Nowhere Bungy – Whanganui River:


For a bungy jump with a historical twist, visit the Bridge to Nowhere Bungy, located above the Whanganui River. This remote location, accessible only by jet boat, offers a tranquil natural setting for your jump. It’s a far cry from the bustling city jumps, providing a serene atmosphere for a thrilling adventure. It’s another hidden gem among the best bungy jumps in New Zealand.


New Zealand’s diverse landscape and commitment to adventure make it a bungy jumper’s dream destination. Whether you’re soaring above a river in Queenstown, diving off an historic bridge in Taupo, or taking a leap from an iconic bridge in Auckland, each bungy jump in New Zealand offers a unique and exhilarating experience. So, if you’re seeking the thrill of a lifetime, don’t miss the opportunity to bungy jump in this adrenaline-charged haven. Your heart will race, your spirit will soar, and you’ll carry the memories of these extraordinary jumps with you forever. Discover the best bungy jumps in New Zealand and take the leap of a lifetime!

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